What Are You Waiting For?

Did you know GEICO is now offering an EXTRA 15% credit on car and motorcycle policies? Do you have GEICO yet? No? What are you waiting for?!

Tag Team To Help You Plan Dessert?

Captain Ahab To Help You Find A Parking Spot?

The World’s Strongest Man To Help You Break Down Boxes?

*Professional driver on a closed course. Do not attempt.

Get GEICO Auto insurance.

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  1. Joanne Lagana says,

    The Tag Team commercial is my favorite. It is so full of joy and it just makes me happy. When I watch my DVR, I actually stop the fast-forward function and watch the commercial .

  2. Melissa Baumler says,

    Love this commercial! I usually record my shows so I can fast forward through the commercials. But when I see this commercial I hit play every time. It reminds me of my kids looking at us like we’re crazy too!!!

  3. MPD Wifey says,

    Tag Team commercial is the best I’ve ever seen. Normally I don’t look forward to commercials, but this is the exception! I can’t sit still whenever it comes on. LOVE IT!!

  4. Joyce Ragan says,

    The “Tag Team” commercial is my all time favorite! I don’t know who conceived of this idea but they deserve a big promotion! Love the lady , the team and the other guy & girl. It brightens my day! Go Geico!

  5. Laura says,

    Best commercial of the year 2020 – 2021.. I love it. Perfect execution and the rhyme and reason was wonderful. Thank you Geico and the players for giving us a reason to smile this year.

  6. Arlene F. Elliott says,

    I could watch the Tag Team for hours. Every time it’s shown, I record it. I am insured by GEICO and I think they are the greatest’

    • Jax says,

      I wore their cassette out in 1994, Whoop there it is! I feel old thanks….sure is the best one. Probably the commercial I don’t mute. It’s a refreshing change from being bombarded my medical commercials, this drug and that drug. Only side affect here is laughter!

  7. Karl Moeller says,

    The Tag Team commercial always puts a smile on my face. There is a magic about it, this is coming from a person that does not even like that type of music.
    Everyone I talk to about it loves it also
    All I can say it is the best I have seen for a long while, keep up the great work.

  8. Wanda says,

    Absolutely love the tag-team dessert commercial, I’m a senior citizen and have to stop what I’m doing and watch and move with the music! kudos to whom ever came up with this one.. Keep it going!

  9. Sara says,

    I can’t get enough of the “Tag team helps with dessert” commercial. I literally stop what I am doing every time it comes to watch. LOVE IT!!!!

    • Hal Little says,

      I laugh when I see the guy at the end throwing sprinkles in the air. Makes me wonder if they will ever find all the sprinkles he threw. This is the best commercial of all time!!!!