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  1. Selene says,

    I thought the test was very good and very informative. I learned a few things that I didn’t know and refreshed my mind on things I did know but had forgotten. I took the pledge.

  2. Tom says,

    Knowing the depth of tire has nothing to do with driving knowledge. Knowing how many states banned texting while driving doesn’t test your driving skill. I tool the pledge , will I get my insurance premium lowered.

    • Selene says,

      Everyone has an opinion, but in my opinion knowing all of this does have something to do with your driving skills and your knowledge of the new laws that have been put in place to help keep car accidents down and keep people from doing things that take their attention away from driving so drives like you and me and other people that obey the laws of driving from getting killed by someone that was on their phone or doing something else that took their attention away from the road and what is going on around them.

  3. Ana Colon says,

    Make sure to use restroom before driving, 🙂 AND don’t eat and drive ; 80% chance of crashing!
    Good to know.

    The way people drive today, maybe short tv informational are called for… #1 use your blinkers when turning!!!!

    • Selene says,

      I would have never thought that having to go to the restroom was 80% cause of crashes if I had not stopped and taken this test. It was very informative. I liked it.

  4. Anthony Bear says,

    Question #3 – Then how much distraction IS having a dog in the car comparable to? I’d imagine it is quite high, especially for the idiots who let the dog sit on their lap while driving.

  5. Randy L. Phillipp says,

    Learned a lot in regards in operation of a vehicle while using a Cell Phone and Bluetooth. Also during bad weather.


    1- Congratulations to GEICO to arrange such a useful virtual clasrooms .
    2- Sorry I didn’t know the answer of 4-th quiz answer & and I do not want to guess it.

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