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(Quiz) Are You A Good Driver?

Most drivers assume they’re great behind the wheel. But we’ve all seen enough speeding, swerving and just downright questionable behavior on the road to realize some people are deluding themselves.

“Public polls show that most Americans think they are above-average drivers, which technically is impossible,” says Jonathan Adkins, executive director of the Governors Highway Safety Association. “When we overestimate our skill level, we put not only ourselves, but others on the road at risk.”

You can avoid tickets and fender benders (or worse!) by honestly assessing your driving ability. If it has been a while since you’ve dusted off your driver’s ed manual, take our quiz to see if your skills are still up to par or if it’s time for a defensive driving course to sharpen your skills.

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By Julie Russell

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  1. Aamir says,

    For the question about the pedestrian entering the intersection when we are turning on green, you didn’t mention from which side did the pedestrian entered the intersection. If it is from my opposite side, then I have enough time to make a safe right turn. Otherwise I should yield right of way if the pedestrian started from my side.

  2. Kaye says,

    If I got all the answers correct after 3 years since taking the DD test (for the discount), is there some way I could take the next DD test for discount by just answering the questions, instead of spending $25 and 6 days to finish the course online? (Just asking)

  3. W. R. Shoemaker says,

    In Pennsylvania, the ‘double-yellow line’ rule for no passing applies ONLY when there is a “No Passing Zone” sign; otherwise it is an indication that passing may be hazardous, but otherwise, pass when the way is clear

  4. Chuck says,

    Question #1 was a trick question it suggested the rule following behind rule was 2 seconds when in the rule of thumb was 3 seconds. In reality 3 seconds is not enough depending on many situations. Examples would be the higher the speed the farther the separation, weather conditions, type and load of your vehicle, and many more.

    • Theresa Johnson says,

      I have been driving for 35 years,no where ever has had a 2 sec.rule, always Four.
      Example four car lengths between you and others gives you time for braking.

  5. Terry Robinson says,

    100% ☺ But I had to really question myself on the 2 second, situation, prior to answering. Although the two second rule is good, there are plenty of times where that is just Not enough. Ans besides, why take your mind off the road to look for a stationary object ! Over all good test.

    Thanks Terry

  6. WES BAYLESS says,

    Apart from questions that have some element of distance related to timing, I am astute in my abilities and demeanor about driving. I still believe that I can learn more and develop more as I age to improve my driving skills and survivability. I hope that GEICO can offer a driving skills course that I can use to sharpen my skills and make me a better driver.

  7. Paula Z. Tusler says,

    I just have a problem with the question about tailgating. That’s a gotcha question. It would have been better as a multiple choice of how long to count, not a true or false.
    Tests and quizzes are part of the learning process. If a test taker just remembers being “tricked”, they may forget the lesson.