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(Quiz) Are You A Good Driver?

Most drivers assume they’re great behind the wheel. But we’ve all seen enough speeding, swerving and just downright questionable behavior on the road to realize some people are deluding themselves.

“Public polls show that most Americans think they are above-average drivers, which technically is impossible,” says Jonathan Adkins, executive director of the Governors Highway Safety Association. “When we overestimate our skill level, we put not only ourselves, but others on the road at risk.”

You can avoid tickets and fender benders (or worse!) by honestly assessing your driving ability. If it has been a while since you’ve dusted off your driver’s ed manual, take our quiz to see if your skills are still up to par or if it’s time for a defensive driving course to sharpen your skills.

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By Julie Russell

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  1. James Hartmann says,

    while the so called three second rule is said to be what you should use I disagree, why would you want to follow that close ? how much other traffic is around you should make a big difference as well stay out of clusters or groups of cars and trucks in a bunch. that is suicide and if you are on the interstate going the speed limit that is asking for a trouble bubble to burst.

  2. Orlando Cabanilla says,

    We all need these quiz to recall the driving rules and regulations. Some drivers may forgot the rules and these are a very helpful. Thanks to GEICO.

  3. lesley steen says,

    I already have geico as a insurance agent. I have taught defensive driving classes for 30 years.
    I always drive defensive.

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