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  1. Sherry Chesley says,

    In Alaska, it can mean all of those things. Slow down there’s a moose up ahead, go ahead and pass, turn down your ligets, cop up ahead , accident up ahead. In other words “CAUTION !!!

  2. Owen A King says,

    Oppose safety laws – encourage coverage based on safety.
    Ex. – No seat belt laws, but don’t cover medical if not wearing a seat belt.

  3. Gigi Smith says,

    Where I’m from, flashing headlights means “you forgot to turn on your lights.” I was graded unfairly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = )

    • johnny says,

      you are correct. It was the “trick” question, designed to trip us up lol. flashing high beams means “turn off your high beams”.

  4. Fügave says,

    Flashing your headlights may also be used to notify a semi or large vehicle that it has clearance to change lanes in front of you.

    • steve butz says,

      Hey. Maybe you don’t realize it, but Truck drivers, because they are much higher above the road, can see just fine and don’t need you to flash your lights. This only confuses them. Sounds like you are going too slow.

  5. Paul van der Eijk says,

    The answer to the question about flashing headlights seemed to assume that this happened during the night. It also means danger ahead!

  6. David says,

    1) You ask if it is illegal to drive barefoot, state that it isn’t… then immediately in the answer say that *some* states allow it. If some states allow it, that means it’s illegal in others, right?

    3) So your recommendation for dealing with someone who has their high-beams on is to look to the side of the road, because flashing your high-beams at him might distract him?! So what you’re saying is to put yourself in danger, so as to spare the person causing the unsafe situation undue annoyance.

    4) Static electricity pump fire… a situation that has not occurred once in recorded driving history, by the way. It is the very definition of an urban legend!

    Who came up with this quiz? Seriously, the fact that an insurance company is marketing this really makes me question how your company actually evaluates risk.

  7. Cecilie says,

    Thank you for posting this quiz.
    The winter driving ones have been most helpful for me over the years.
    Anything which helps us to be more capable as operators of potential killing machines is welcome.
    Now, if only all the folks in Albuquerque would learn to drive safely! (Me, too!)

  8. David Garfield says,

    One other use for flashing headlights: to acknowledge a trucker on a highway signaling a lane change with a turn signal. Get behind the truck in the lane he’s going into, with the entire length of the truck clear, before signaling. This has worked several times for me (as in the truck initiated the lane change within seconds).

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