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  1. Amaury parra says,

    I got 8 out 9 good quiz because of the animal sign I always see just deer sign not all animal tiger bear and more maybe I don’t travel to much on the country road so I would recognize those sign but is good to no in the future went I travel on the country road good quiz ??

  2. revathi varadan says,

    first i had 2 wrong.second time 100% correct.the quiz road sign questions are very helpful.that is great.i have to renew my driver’s licence pretty soon.

  3. M. Brown says,

    I contest that an interstate sign is blue like a service sign, the interstate sign is blue, and red, service sign is solid blue!

  4. Mg Nelson says,

    You did not use the word “services” in the question but in the answer. That makes “all the above” correct, but without it the hospital sign is correct.
    We need a stop sign invention to connect it to those parking lot “tire damage” spikes at the sign ~ without a full stop, the spikes will NOT retract.

  5. TJ Herbster says,

    In PA you are aloud 500 yards before and after the sign to accelerate or decelerate unless marked before

  6. Jose says,

    I got an 8 out of 9 cuz the animal crossing , I think the most important is that u recognize ur traffic signals. Overall great quiz ??I hope ALL DRIVERS RECOGNIZE THEIR MISTAKES!!!!!