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  1. Phil says,

    In Florida the BAC limit for persons under 21 is .02%.

    Texting while driving increased your crash risk by ____ over drunk driving.

    It is not essential to know that. Shall I repeat that!?

  2. Jan says,

    I repeatedly have to make driving adjustments for people who have their heads buried in their ‘phones. It would be great if an organization of companies that sells auto insurance would collaborate on a nationwide campaign to saturate every communication avenue to expose the risks this behavior presents. Facts, facts, facts; make it personal.

    The only reason I switched my auto insurance from Allstate to Geico is because my neighbor did the same and told me what he saved. Sorry to say, that Geico’s national advertisements are some of the stupidest I see nowadays. If I weren’t satisfied with your good service, I’d select a smarter approach. My apologies.

  3. GaryDeNota says,

    The nine question quiz was a good refresher. Several questions made me stop and think before selecting a response. I guessed correctly on the texting and drunk driving ratio. Thanks for providing this. Maybe an ongoing quiz would be a beneficial refresher for drivers.


  4. Betsy Tan says,

    I was taking a Safe Driving test and got confused by the first question that stated the answer to a question was: “(safe driving) diminishes serious injury.” I don’t think that question belongs in the subject of safe driving. If you get into an accident then you are no longer following the “safe driving” rules.

  5. Julie Painter says,

    This was a refresher test for me and I thank GEICO for providing the opportunity to refresh my facts about safe driving.