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Quiz: Facts About Teen Driving

Learning to drive is one of the highlights of the teenage years. For teens, the added independence can’t come soon enough. For parents, it might be a little different story. We know how much you worry about your kids, which is why we’d like to bring you up to speed on some key facts about teen drivers.


Use this handy parent-teen driving contract to begin a discussion on safe driving habits for both you and your teenage driver.

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  1. Sharon I. DiCicco says,

    Just took the quiz and got 4 wrong out of 9! Good learning quiz! Also here in the state of Massachusetts the law states they, the Jr. Operators, may not drive between 12:30am-5am unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The minimum age at which restrictions may be lifted is age 17 for passenger restrictions and age 18 for nighttime restrictions. Thank you for the information provided and I hope this information may help other Bay Staters.

  2. PETER M SHERMAN says,

    great. especially the last question about teens picking up through life on their parents’ driving habits. that one will stick with me … thanks.