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  1. Ken Brandt says,

    Question # 4 and #6 are poorly written. #4 does not account for what kind of roadway you are on. If you are passing on a 2 lane roadway, it would be impossible to give the M/C a full lane width. #6 gives no account for vehicle speed or following distance. A vehicle traveling a 60MPH covers 88 Ft. per second, Reaction time will eat up over half that distance and the time it takes to dissipate all that speed, will depend on tire and roadway conditions. “2 or 3” seconds is cutting it a bit close, especially if you are closing in because the rider is “not using brakes to slow down.”

  2. Kal Kraus says,

    Aced the test… All the correct answers are common sense. The reason we need a lot of rules and regs is some drivers just don’t think… Why would any bicyclist or motorcyclist drive out into a street thinking he has the right of way over a car? And why would anyone think motor cycles only need half a lane? lol

    Motorcyclists often do zoom between cars in adjoining lanes if traffic slows a little. That has to cause a few accidents. I suppose that’s illegal too, but i don’t know for sure.

  3. Tina Levy says,

    It’s impossible to leave a full lane’s width for a cyclist. Some of our roads are only 2 tiny lanes so we all have to use our best judgement in passing otherwise we can get hit head on by the driver in the oncoming lane….

  4. Dan says,

    Truth is a bicycle has no business on any road with a speed limit over 25 mph ever.
    It is allowed because idiots write laws to make is acceptable. But in reality bicycles can NOT come up to speed or stop safely to operate in NORMAL TRAFFIC PATTERNS IN ANY CITY.

  5. Danny Gilbert says,

    Have had my mc endorsement since I was 18 I’m 58 only had one incident a car with a boat pulled out of the driveway and I sideswiped the boat and by the way good imformation in the quiz

  6. Suzanne says,

    I received 7/7 on your quiz, however question 4 should be reworded. It is very unclear. I read it at least 4 times and guessed at the answer.