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  1. Ronit Knight says,

    As a retired city bus driver, a quick short honk at ANY vehicle AND pedestrians to ensure your presence is known INCREASES safety.

    Thank you for letting me know about California!’s motorcycle law. HOW INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS.

  2. Audrey Parker says,

    I live in a tourist city and sometimes the tourists (especially those on rented bicycles) pay no attention to the “laws of the road”. Many times I’ve experienced cyclists totally disregard a traffic signal, stop in the middle of the road, or suddenly appear from between two parked cars without stopping to see if a vehicle is approaching (just to name a few). In my city, a driver has to be alert at ALL times, which mean no texting while driving and definitely watching out for the other guy. When a bicycle meets a car, the car usually wins!

    • Audrey Parker says,

      I’d have to agree, John. It seems when some drivers get behind the wheel (or any other mobile mode of transportation, common sense flies right out the window.

  3. Robert W says,


    You titled the quiz Are You A Road Hog, but didn’t say a thing about actual Road Hogs, of which there are plenty. They are not only a major nuisance, they are violating the law.

    1) They ignore imperative signs on two lane roads, such as state Highway 1: ” Slower Traffic Use Turn Outs.” Regardless of the speed limit. If you have somebody following you for a 1/2 mile, you’re a Road Hog.

    2) On multi-lane highways, they hold on to the fast lane no matter what. Ignore flashing lights to get out of the way. Force faster drivers to change lanes. Again, speed limits don’t negate the rule, “Slower Traffic Keep to Right.” If traffic is building up behind you, you’re a Road Hog.

    • Audrey Parker says,

      I’ve experienced that many times. It’s like the driver is totally oblivious to the line of traffic behind him/her, which causes many drivers to change lanes just to get around “Pokey”. That causes frustration. “Slower traffic keep right” is there for a reason. I wish drivers would adhere to that rule of the road.

      • David Canden says,

        Or when there is finally a passing lane they speed up as fast as the can to force you to stay behind them then when the passing lane ends they SLOW Way back down again !!