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How To Help Keep Your Boat Safe In A Hurricane

When a storm is bearing down on your town, your boat might not be top of mind. “Understandably, most people worry first about their house and cars,” says Charles Fort, associate editor of BoatUS Magazine. “But your boat is more likely to survive and incur less damage if you have a preparation plan.”

Fort recommends figuring out that plan before hurricane season begins—even if the season is predicted to be mild. You’ll want to execute that plan as early as possible before the storm hits, so your boat is safely stored by the time you’re thinking about evacuating or boarding up your house. Here are the steps Fort recommends you take.

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Of course, if the storm is truly catastrophic, even the best preparations may not be enough. That’s why boat insurance is so crucial, says Fort: “You want to make sure your boat is taken care of.”

Use this sample hurricane checklist from BoatUS to make sure your boat is prepped correctly for the storm.

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By Nicole Price Fasig

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