The Gecko Continues His (Tiny) Journey Across America

Our beloved GEICO Gecko® has made a number of new stops on his never-ending journey across America to tell people how GEICO could help them save on insurance. Check out some of his latest adventures below:

The Gecko Has A Laughing Fit

The Gecko Welcomes New Neighbors

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The Gecko Stays Late At Work

The Gecko Makes Copies

The Gecko Makes An Announcement

Stay tuned for more Gecko commercials coming soon! In the meantime, check out more great commercials.

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  1. Pat says,

    The gecko is best along with the camel. The rest are all pretty bad. All commercials cater to uder educated or stupid people. We record what we want to watch then skip all commercials.

  2. Nora Lea Lynch says,

    Love All Of The GEICO Commercials-They Always Make Me Laugh Or Smile! I’ve had GEICO Insurance for approximately 40 plus years & they could show more discounts. Thank You!!

  3. Gina says,

    Love to see all the classic commercials airing. Love the gecko, Maxwell and the cavemen! Best advertising campaign of all time!

  4. Betty says,

    My favorite is the gecko doing the two step! Since that wasn’t one to pick from for a favorite I had to go with the camel. But gecko is still my favorite!

  5. Betty Kirkpatrick says,

    It has been awhile, but I love the gecko (precious little thing) doing the two-step commercial…I would love to see that again. Rates right above the caveman!

  6. Donna Singleton says,

    This little green cutie lights up my life. He is an attention snapper. The moment I see or hear him I jump to attention. The last one is really good. Sure I’ll babysit for you. You are like a brother to me love love love. I used to post his pictures on my timeline and declare he is my BFF