More Than Just Great Savings

In our latest commercial campaigns, we remind you that GEICO is about more than just saving money on car insurance. For instance, did you know…

GEICO can help you with other insurance products, too:

GEICO can help with home insurance.

GEICO has 24/7 Roadside Assistance

GEICO has licensed agents available 24/7:

What’s your favorite GEICO commercial? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Holly says,

    Definitely MAXWELL the Pig at the stadium on the jumbo Tron monitor with the caption, “Pig In a Blanket” !!!!!! Closely followed by any of the camel “hump day” commercials!

  2. Alex says,

    Hey, I think it’s a great idea to have a ‘vote for the best commercial’ contest– you’ve done so many wonderful ads. However, several of the very best aren’t included, including my all time fave, the QUIET GOLF COMMENTATORS AND THE KRAKEN and other ‘it’s what you do’ ads.

  3. TANYA CLEVEN says,

    The car swerves to avoid the squirrrls and the squirrells celebrating with fist bumps.. On a personal note I love squirrels and I too would swerve to avoid hitting one. I laugh so hard every time I see it. It is so
    I have been a very satisfied Geico userfor a number of years.

  4. Ann Clifford says,

    Kudos on return of camel commercials. Stop the caveman insulting commercials. Weren’t good the first time, get over it!!

  5. Jeff Thompson says,

    I loved the gecko in the western dance bar where everything was big, big steaks, big hair. With some line dancing at the end. Bought the CD as loved the song.