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7 Breakfast Hacks To Try Tomorrow

Even the most die-hard breakfast fan can grow weary of the same old bowls of cereal or scrambled eggs. Whether you prefer to start your day with something light and refreshing or something wrapped in bacon, think about testing out one of these breakfast hacks the next time you’re looking to shake up the most important meal of the day.

1. Hard-Boil Eggs In A Muffin Tin

Hard-boiled eggs make the perfect morning treat: They’re tasty, packed with protein, and they come in their own packages for on-the-go eating. It doesn’t take much cooking skill to boil an egg, but there is one hack cooks can use at home to make the process even simpler. In preparation for the week ahead, try cooking a dozen-plus eggs at once in the oven. Preheat your oven to 325 to 350°F. Place whole eggs, straight from the carton, into the cups of a muffin tin and slide into the oven. Bake for 30 minutes. Remove the tin from the oven and allow eggs to cool in a bath of ice water. Voilà: enough ready-to-peel “hard-boiled” eggs to last several days.

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2. Cook Hash Browns In A Waffle Iron

Hash browns, home fries—whatever you like to call them, a heaping serving of potatoes is a welcome addition to any breakfast plate. Of course, not all hash browns are created equal. Thankfully, the secret to getting them crispy on the outside, while making sure they stay tender on the inside, is incredibly easy to pull off. Your partner in this endeavor? Your trusty waffle iron. Instead of pouring waffle batter into your iron, load it up with shredded potatoes, cooking them the way you would a regular waffle. After taking a bite of the final result, you’ll never look at hash browns the same way again.

3. Let Oats Soak Overnight

Overnight oats with strawberries and granola in jar. Healthy breakfast, dessert or low fat snackThe best kind of breakfast is the one you can make the night before. Save yourself the hassle of cooking rolled oats in morning by letting them soak in the refrigerator while you sleep. All you need to do is mix one part oats with one part milk—dairy and non-dairy milks work equally well here—and incorporate add-ins like honey, chia seeds, and banana slices, allowing the flavors to meld together in a jar. The dish will be ready to eat when you open the fridge first thing in the morning.

4. Turn Cereal Dust Into Cereal “Tea”

If you’ve been tossing away your cereal once you reach the crumbs at the bottom of the bag, you’re seriously missing out. That sugary, brightly-colored dust can be salvaged to make cereal tea. After disassembling a tea bag, replace its contents with crumbs from the cereal of your choice, then staple it back together. Dunk the tea bag into milk to brew up a mug of intense cereal flavor—no spoon required.

5. Dip Apple Rings In Pancake Batter

Thinly slice your apples into rings, dip them in pancake batter, and cook them on a skillet just like you would normal pancakes. They’re a somewhat healthier alternative to those pancakes you soak in maple syrup, and their smaller size makes them great for taking on-the-go!

6. Use Stale Bread For French Toast

french toast with fruitA loaf of day-old bread is begging to be made into French toast. Rather than throwing out bread that’s a little on the stale side, use it to soak up some delicious, eggy custard. The denser and drier the bread, the more liquid it absorbs, which equals more flavor when it’s time to dig into your meal.

7. Use Leftover Bacon Fat To Fry Other Stuff

If your meal includes bacon, that means you have built-in oil with which to fry up the rest of your breakfast. Throw your bacon strips in a pan on low-heat before starting on anything else. Once the skillet has been coated with delectable bacon fat, use the excess grease to fry eggs, potatoes, and even bread. It may not be the healthiest way to start the day, but the taste will be worth getting out of bed for.

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  1. Claire says,

    suggestion 5. poaching an egg in plastic wrap seems crazy. I can’t believe you’re encouraging people to eat food that is likely to have esters from the plastic wrap leach into upon heating.

    have you missed the train on the understanding of carcinogenic link to plastic temperature changes and water or food it contains?

    sorry, GEICO, this is the height of irresponsibility, if not stupidity.