GEICO can help protect your home.

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  1. karen yochim says,

    This was great fun. Please post more. I don’t know who is doing Geico’s posts but they have been very unique and good.

  2. Kate Meyers says,

    The best home improvement ‘insurance’ for allergy sufferers is a garden and home with allergy prevention plants! (T. Ogren’s books are helpful and available at most libraries. ) It turns out that the less messy male plants release the most pollen and their prevalence in home, public and school landscaping has contributed to a huge increase in the number of allergy sufferers over the past few decades.

    • Lindsay Ratkowiak says,

      For starters good filter for heat pump a/couple unit. Change filter once a month especially those more stiffly times of year. Ferns are good air purifier . Spider plants ,rubber plant/tree heart phylodendron.