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Your Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist

Just like your car, your home requires routine preventative maintenance to keep its systems running safely and smoothly. Know what tasks you should do for every season of the year with our handy, printable home maintenance checklist. Download the printable PDF version here.



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Monthly Reminders


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  1. Derek S Stokes says,

    I love the GEICO’s Quick & Easy Home Maintenance Checklist. I recommend that all GEICO customer down load this format and keep it for their record. Thanks GEICO for this pre – life saving and maintenance free check list.

  2. Willie Channce says,

    Very helpful information. Some of these tips I didn’t even consider, but I should have.
    Thank You

  3. Vincent Santiago says,

    Thanks for the check list reminder of the tasks many of us takes for granted until something happens. It’s a useful wake up call list.

  4. M. Hyman says,

    Thank you for the checklist for the home. I believe it will be very useful as a reminder of regular things that must be done to maintain a home, especially when life becomes exceptionally buzy.