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7 Surprisingly Valuable Things You May Have In Your Home

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is considered a cliché for a reason. You might think the stuff piled in your basement is junk, but from someone else’s perspective, you’re sitting on a goldmine. Here’s a by-no-means-exhaustive list of items you should consider dusting off and selling to the highest bidder.


Old booksReading can pay off in more ways than one. Famous authors all had to start somewhere, and many of their early works were initially printed in extremely limited quantities. Readers who saw the potential early, or who were lucky enough to find the books secondhand, could be rewarded for their foresight.


Young woman holding a boom boxThese days, certain models of the massive boomboxes of the ‘70s and ‘80s can sell to nostalgic collectors for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars—especially if they’re in working condition and come with the original accessories, manuals, and packaging.


Water pistolsKids have had water guns for decades, but in the 1990s companies learned that bigger was absolutely better. The toys reached ridiculous proportions (and had even larger accessories), and now some of the more iconic models are worth significantly more than they cost at retail.


stand of toysThere’s always a big market for nostalgia. The dolls, stuffed animals, and action figures of your youth can fetch big bucks from collectors—especially if you held onto the original packaging. Browse online auction sites to see what kind of cash you may be able to get for your old toys.


Vintage comic booksThe right comic in the right condition could make enough to put a serious dent in your monthly rent or mortgage payment—or at least cover a fancy lunch.


VHS TapesSome films released on VHS back in the day have not been released on newer formats and will likely never make that digital leap, which means the value of your old copies continues to go up. There are collectors all over the world who hunt for rare tapes, and they’re willing to cough up (lots of) cash for them.


looking on a flea market for clothesThat decades-old jacket or those tattered jeans may not seem like they’re worth the change you found in them, but there are hundreds of places willing to take your vintage threads and sell them to the people who want them. So before you toss that old college shirt out, check online to see if there’s a market for it.

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  1. Christie says,

    Good Idea. How can I have bunch of original toy collections from early 1990s. Where can I sell these to?

    • Olivia says,

      I have a lot of porcelain figurines , porcelain lamps, VHS tapes, clothes.
      Where can you sell them?