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What’s Your Savings Style?

Take our quiz to find out what kind of saver you are and get ideas to maximize your savings.

Whether you’re aiming to take a vacation, buy a new car or retire comfortably, it’s important to have some money set aside. But as a Harvard Business School savings expert notes, there’s no “one-size-fits-all savings solution.” Take our quiz to find out your savings style and get personalized tips on how you could save more effectively.

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  1. Robert L Hiatt says,

    Presents a Very Good View of ‘Modern Society’.
    Last time I went in to debt was summer of 1951: bought my 2nd car: a nice 47, 4-door
    Plymouth. Had it financed for 12 months; payed it off in 6. Was born at depth of depression (1932). Dropped outta school after 2nd yr of HighS. Never experienced
    debt or unemployment. Bought my parents a very decent house in 1958 Cash. Also
    began my 1st mutual fund fund investment that year, and continued until retiring in 2006.
    Am independently weathy; no respect for higher education. Have bailed out too many irresponsible know-it-all coll-grad relatives of my wife. My Only financial gripe is that
    my IRMA is eating-up my Social Security. And IF you don’t knows what IRMA is, you shud
    be in another line of work! Have been Quite Happy with your service over the years!

  2. MJ Curry says,

    not everyone has children; not everyone has relatives who send checks. Your assumptions are heteronormative and elitist.

  3. Rubicundus Revilla says,

    Any hard working ,successful individual has a common enemy ; the governnent. The more you work, the more you save, the more you reinvent yourself, the more it forces you to pay. Just one example…I’ve paid for Medicare ALL my working life…today, on Medicare, I am paying $609.00/ month and still have copayments. If you are single (widower, divorced, never married) the government punishes you by doubling your taxes and your Medicare fees. Effectively, one person using the system subsidizes the rest by paying twice what two people using the system pay. More you save more you promote laziness and dependency.

  4. John D. says,

    Came to U.S. at age 10 from Italy in 1956, got my 1st job age 11, when I graduated University of Michigan in 1968, I had $3200, (1968 dollars), saved in bank and had paid for that 4 yr. degree by working in auto plants in the summers and playing in bands during school. I’m now 72 yrs. old, retired, with 7 figures invested in the markets. this is a Great Country still full of opportunities.

    • Christine says,

      Thank you for sharing your story. I am trying to teach my children this value as they are in college and working or even volunteering to build their resume. I’m learning too and this is inspiring.

  5. Thank You, Mr. Ramsey says,

    Seems like more and more companies are beginning to take heed to the teachings of Mr. Dave Ramsey and Ramsey Solutions. … Live Like No One Else So Later You Can Live Like No One Else.

  6. Corvette cooper says,

    It was 8 of us in our home and my mom took us to the GOODWILL or marcus and got us nice cheap clothes .. you never complained about anything she made sure we had what we needed NOT what we wanted.. Christmas was always great we all got one gift and a shoe box full of Apple’s oranges candy and mixed nuts. We were really happy..

  7. Rhodesia says,

    My mom and dad had 3 children in three years My sister who was the oldest got most of the new clothes, I got her hand me downs and my sister one year younger than me got my hand me downs. We didn’t care about the clothes we wore as long as they were clean, and they had no holes. My grand mother who lived with us, would take us on 3 mile walks to shop at the five and dime discount stores downtown, Along the walk when my grand mother would see a penny on the street, she would say there’s a penny, you can buy a cookie, gum, or candy with it. So it became a game of who could find the most pennies on the walk. Me and my sisters had school savings account. We were given allowances which we put in piggy banks. At the age of 14 I started a side job making signs for homes, and drawing illustrations. At 16 I knew how to make my own silk screens to print T-shirts.We were raised to understand the importance of hard work, an a good education , which included us attaining a College degree, so that we would become productive and progressive individuals in our communities. I got my first city job right after college ,and I purchased my first used car cash in my mid 20’s. after passing a promotional test. In my late 20’s I purchased my first new car also cash. That new car lasted me almost 20 years. My newest car that I purchased 3 and 1 half years ago was also purchased cash. through AARP’s true car buyer program , which saved me an additional $2,600 along with the end of year labor day sale discount. I always wanted to have full ownership of my autos. I wasn’t going to share ownership with a bank or a finance company. I retired 10 years ago after being promoted to a supervisory position. I volunteer as a AARP committee chair, a breast/ovarian cancer organization where I do presentations and a soup kitchen where I, and a group of women/angels prepare and serve breakfast once a week with my mom, I help at my church when needed. I always give my 10% tithes to my church . I give annually to 12 charities that are near and dear to my heart a donation of at least $250 to each charity. God has been good to me, and provided well for me, and because of this I have been able to help family and friends when needed. The very people in my past who said I was frugal, are either broke and claiming bankruptcy or are asking me for money. By God’s grace and mercy I am the lender and never the borrower. I have never had an outstanding debt that I couldn’t pay and that gives me a peace unlike any other. I enjoy my life vacation traveling and cruising, I just make sure I get great discount deals. Give me a hammer, nails ,some duct tape or electrical tape, and a glue gun and I can fix anything.I have always permed, colored and cut my own hair as I have also done the same for my closest family members my family members .I even do my own professional looking nail tips. I have been blessed with friends in auto and towing repair shops.I sometimes have to pay them in lobster, steak and shrimp dinners when they don’t want to take my money.Sorry for the length of this post .Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.