GEICO’s NASCAR Pit Crew Presents: How To Stay Safe In An Emergency

In the third and final installment of this how-to series, Ryan Dextraze—a member of driver the GEICO NASCAR pit crew—shows us what to do if your car starts making noises.

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  1. Benaja Samedi says

    I have been with GEICO since 2004 and not once have they let me down. Here is to the next 11 years with GEICO, God Willing and to many more years to come. #JeT’aimeGEICO!

  2. Mark Milliken says

    Pray! Pray it’s potholes. If not, always pull over and check. If you cannot find it, call GEICO. Their awesome service folks will help you anyway they can. Thanks for being my insurance company GEICO.