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  1. Phillius Thomas says

    It is crazy how easy it seems to change tires when you see a NASCAR team do it. Wouldn’t it be so nice if changing a tire was just that simple? I would love to be able to do it sort of like how they do.

  2. Chi Chu says

    Tires changing are the basic of the car maintenance everyone’s should know and should able to do.Never uses the manifacture jack thought that thing is dangerous and weak as heck one wrong move,it can make the whole car fall off of it.That the first thing,you should change and get small mechanic tech. jack so it can lift and stable your car way better as emergencies,your tires require changes by you.

  3. Tom says

    I just call road service. It’s alot less hassle and why do it yourself when you can pay a small fee to GEICO and have someone do the dirty work for you

  4. Mark Milliken says

    Come on. He cheated. He used a 1/2 torque wrench. Lol. That’s what I have in my cars, along with 3 ton low profile steel jacks. 4 pumps, car is off ground. Please though, get safely off the side of the road. It’s dangerous on the side of a hwy.
    Former wrecker driver, who’s been clipped by cars.

  5. Caleb McCreary says

    i just watched the how to change tire video, there was an IMPORTANT detail missing, the guy should have gone through four lug x pattern and five lug and six lug star patterns!

  6. Annie says

    No, the proper way is to drive a Smartcar with built-in tire sensors. When you see the dashboard warning light, take it to the shop and have them fix it BEFORE it goes flat! It will let you know there is a nail in your tire before YOU even know it.

    • Mark Milliken says

      All modern cars have TMPS. SERIOUSLY THOUGH, everyone should pre trip their car daily or weekly. Then you will know well in advance if your car has any unseen issues.