Winterize Your Classic Car

If you’re a classic-car collector, you probably know to put your wheels in storage in winter; you wouldn’t want your baby damaged by the elements. But how well do you know your prep? An inactive vehicle needs proper care before going into storage, and collector cars deserve extra attention.

Empty the Tank

If you’re storing your car for more than six months, drain the fuel tank. For shorter periods, you can leave the tank full but add gasoline stabilizer. Also, change the oil, bleed the brakes and drain all fluids.

Lock the Clutch

To prevent clutch plates from sticking together, depress the clutch and lock it into position with a piece of wood.

Keep Vermin Out

Vacuum the car’s interior and check for crumbs in the upholstery, which could attract vermin. As an extra precaution, place rodent repellent beneath the seats and check the car once a month to make sure some critter hasn’t taken up residence. (You might want to plug the tailpipe, too, so nothing crawls in there by mistake. Just remember to unplug it before you turn on the engine again!)

Air and Protect

Leave the windows slightly open to let fresh air circulate, and drape the exterior with a proper car cover made of a breathable material like flannel.

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