Winter Driving Safety Kit Essentials

Tens of millions of Americans travel during the holidays. The unpredictable weather and increased traffic during this time can make even a short road trip dangerous.

Before stuffing your car with boxes of presents, make sure you’ve packed a vehicle safety kit to ensure you’re prepared for any …keep reading

Railroad Crossing Safety

Railroad Crossing Safety

It may seem easy to avoid a collision with a 200-ton locomotive. Yet the fact is that a vehicle or pedestrian is hit by a train every three hours in the U.S., according to Operation Lifesaver, a nonprofit group that promotes railroad safety. Follow these tips and use …keep reading

Avoiding Fender Bender Fraud

Cars in a staged fender bender accident

The shock of getting into a traffic accident, even a minor one, can leave a driver feeling dazed and confused, but it pays to keep your wits about you at all times. Steven Rutzebeck, director of GEICO’s Special Investigations Unit, explains how to foil potential fraudsters in the moments immediately …keep reading

What’s In A VIN?

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs)

Ever wonder what that long group of numbers and letters identifying your car means? There is some method to the madness. While the various bumper stickers on the back of your car tell people who you are, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) tells the world who …keep reading