(Quiz) Do You Know Your Road Signs?

Direction uncertainty with a landscape of confused tangled roads and highways and a group of traffic signs competing for influence as a symbol of the challenges of planning a strategy for success.

Quick: What does a blue road sign mean?

Not sure? You’re not alone. But deciphering signs—quickly—is essential to your safety.

Fortunately, the research designers understand this. “A good sign must be comprehensible at a glance,” says M. Pronin, a member of the International Road Sign Comprehension Evaluation Project (yes, there is one). Given that road signs can incorporate words, symbols, specific colors—or any combination of these, they can be confusing. More concerning, some drivers don’t know what certain road signs mean, or they might misinterpret them, which can be dangerous.

“Signs with more than an 80 percent level of comprehension are considered very well understood, but testing reveals even the most ‘obvious’ signs rarely score 100 percent comprehension,” says Pronin.

How road-sign savvy are you? Take the quiz to find out.

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By Julie Russell

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  1. TJ Herbster says

    In PA you are aloud 500 yards before and after the sign to accelerate or decelerate unless marked before

  2. Jose says

    I got an 8 out of 9 cuz the animal crossing , I think the most important is that u recognize ur traffic signals. Overall great quiz 👍🏻I hope ALL DRIVERS RECOGNIZE THEIR MISTAKES!!!!!