We Were Waiting For The Tow Truck When…

Illustration of tow truck driver coming to assistance of broken down carIcy roads, flat tires, overheated radiators: Even the most prepared drivers sometimes face obstacles that have them sitting by the side of the highway instead of cruising in the fast lane. But what happens while you’re waiting for the tow truck might become an adventure worth retelling. Read on for real-life stories from drivers whose breakdowns turned into unforgettable tales from the road.

Service With A Smile

One summer, Lindsey R. of Stamford, Conn., and a friend followed a favorite band to a music festival in rural New Jersey. After the concert, while pulling out of the field serving as the parking lot, the two were having a bumpy ride. “I thought it was just the uneven ground,” Lindsey recalls. “But then someone yelled to us that we had a flat.”

Lindsey attempted to change the flat tire, but couldn’t budge the lug nuts—nor could the fellow concertgoers who tried to help. With a long drive ahead and night coming on quickly, Lindsey called roadside assistance to save time.

“At this point the parking lot had cleared out, and my friend and I were realizing we were stranded in a remote field in the middle of the night,” says Lindsey. “It was basically the perfect setting for a horror movie.”

Before panic could set in, however, a New Jersey state trooper cruised into view. “We thought he was going to be upset that we were still there,” says Lindsey. “Instead, he jumped out of his car, and in full uniform–hat and all–changed our tire!”

On A Mission

Jake P.’s most memorable tow-truck moment happened while he was attending a family member’s funeral in his hometown of Rochester, N.Y. “A longtime family friend asked if we needed anything, since we were receiving guests,” recounts Jake. He suggested she bring some paper plates and napkins, as they were running low.

“A short time later I’m standing outside with guests when a gigantic tow truck comes flying up the driveway, and our friend jumps out with two bags full of stuff for us,” says Jake. “Her car broke down in the store parking lot, and when the tow truck showed up, she politely asked the driver to help her make the drop-off before he took her car away!”

The Fellow In Yellow

Returning from a ski trip in Vermont, Isaac R. of New York, N.Y., was a passenger in his friend’s vehicle when it was involved in a near-miss accident. “It was snowing hard and we came to an intersection where another driver failed to stop,” says Isaac. “We were forced to go off the road to avoid a collision.” Fortunately, their car slid down an embankment before coming to a halt in an open field, and no one was hurt.

With temperatures dropping, Isaac opted to put his ski gear back on while they waited for roadside assistance. “I was wearing a full-body, all-yellow ski suit,” says Isaac. “My snowsuit was much derided on the mountain, but suddenly it became pretty useful.” He stood by the road in the snowstorm to flag down the tow-truck driver—who was able to pull the car out easily.

With 24/7 assistance from GEICO Emergency Roadside Service, you’ll be back on your way in no time with a spare tire, refilled tank or a jump. So you might not even have enough waiting-around time to have an adventure like these!

By Julie Russell

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  1. Alex Hall says

    I agree that driving on worn tires is a big risk and you should tread lightly. I have been looking into getting some new tires for my wife because she has pretty bald tires. We have had them for a very long time and with winter coming up, I think that it is time to get new tires. I would hate for her to drive in the winter with bald tires.