Take The Safe Driving Challenge!

man driving car

Driving is a very complicated business.  See how much you know. Good luck, and may all your lights be green.


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  1. angel sotomayor says

    good quiz, get some driving safely tests if possible for car accidents do not just happen, they are caused.

  2. Gregory Bowers says

    Great little quiz.

    Yes, I agree Bluetooth and hands-free features are JUST another distraction.

    I used to work for a company whose Auto Policy was “Every accident is preventable”.

  3. Jon Hillman says

    2/32 is an improper fraction. The CORRECT answer is 1/16″. The distance from the edge of a penny to Lincoln’s head on a penny.

  4. Paul says

    The question were good… but, I based my answers on New York State laws. Zero Tolerance means less than BAC level of .02 keep in mind once a question states .02% the real number becomes .0002. Best practice for all drivers is zero voluntary consumption of alcohol before operating a vehicle.

    Human reaction time of 3/4 of second never changes for sober / alert drivers. But the faster an object goes into another object does create more damage and injuries. That is why it is important to allow a huge amount of space between vehicles. The two second following distance is needs always shown in real space pictures associated with speed to allow drivers full understand of space required. The two car following distance is obsolete and has been obsolete for 25 years or more.