De-stress Your Daily Commute

Like it or not, commuting is a fact of life. According to the US Department of Transportation, nearly 130 million American workers share the roads each day. That’s a lot of annoyed, caffeinated drivers. But the daily trek to the office doesn’t have to get the better of you. Try …keep reading

Winter Driving Survival Guide

SUV driving in snow

Last year winter damage led to more than 175,000 insurance claims totaling more than $1.5 billion. Drivers are especially vulnerable to winter extremes. According to the Automobile Association of America, as many as five million drivers have been stranded on roads during the winter season. Don’t get caught in the …keep reading

7 Ways To Avoid Hitting A Deer

Deer mating season can be a dangerous time for drivers, deer and car hoods. According to the Insurance Information Institute, 1.6 million deer-vehicle collisions occur each year, resulting in 200 fatalities, tens of thousands of injuries and over $3.6 billion in vehicle damage. Being prepared can help prevent you from …keep reading