Drive Smart From The Start

eyes on the road street sign

So, you just got your license, and you are so ready to hit the road.

Driving is a whole new universe. You’ll have to learn an entire new set of rules. GEICO recommends you keep a number of things in mind when you grab the keys and head …keep reading

Girl Scouts Get Automobile-Acclimated

GEICO Girl Scouts Car Care Program

Throughout the years, GEICO has proudly supported the Girl Scouts through activities and events such as the GEICO DASHboard Road Safety Program, which addresses broad driver safety topics and smart decision-making. This year marked the first time GEICO included a distracted driving component to the Car Care Program, which originated …keep reading

Driving Rules For Your New Teen Driver

female teen driver

Most teens want to hit the open road the second they get their driver’s license. But a growing body of evidence suggests it’s important to put limits on when, where and with how many friends they drive.

Those restrictions can dramatically reduce the chances that teen drivers—keep reading