Don’t Make Me Pull This Car Over!

Soccer mom with kids in backseat

You spend a lot of time driving the kids around—soccer practice, rehearsals, appointments, road trips—and though you may have accepted noise and messiness as inevitable, kids can also be a source of distracted driving.

Jesse McCarthy, a parent coach and longtime educator based in Orange County, California, has …keep reading

Teens Inherit Parents’ Driving Habits

A boy looks at his father while he drives the truck.

It has been said the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Safe driving is everyone’s responsibility, and the fact is, today’s teen drivers really do learn most of what they know about driving directly from their parents.

They’ve watched their parents behind the wheel since they were …keep reading

Do Video Games Affect Teen Driving?

teens playing video games

“Turn off that video game and do your homework already” is practically the motto of many households with teenagers. And several recent studies have shown that virtual games can have real-life effects on teens’ driving habits.

First, the good news: playing video games can actually help young drivers …keep reading

#BrakeTheHabit Contest Crowns A Winner

Teenage Boy Driving Distracted By Text Message

We heard from the car fairy, watched a hamburger bite the dust and saw a lot of love for whipped cream behind the wheel. These scenarios sound completely outrageous; however, they all raised awareness about a serious issue: distracted driving.

Young drivers from across the country submitted videos …keep reading