GEICO Motorcycle: The Freedom Of A Ride

MotorcyclesThose of us who own motorcycles know there is little that compares with the freedom of the open road. While most people celebrate a perfect sunny day by simply opening a few windows, we get on our bikes and ride.

Here’s a list of resources for those who appreciate the motorcycle lifestyle:

Here are a few tips to help keep you and your vehicle protected:

  • Are you an ATV or RV owner? Before hitting the road, make sure that your investment is protected by having your vehicle properly insured. Get an ATV insurance or RV insurance quote with us in a matter of minutes.
  • If your bike has been holed up for the winter, consider a thorough spring tune-up. Be sure to carefully inspect the tires and wheels, levers and hoses, lights, fluids, chassis and stand. Don’t forget to make sure your sticker is current.
  • Get creative and increase your visibility with reflective tape. A simple strip or plus-sign on the back of your helmet can do wonders. You can personalize it easily with a stencil and a utility knife by creating words, symbols, animals or one-of-a-kind designs.
  • For cold mornings and evenings, invest in glove and foot warmers (found in most sporting stores). Foot warmers are designed to slide under your toes and keep your feet warm for approximately 6-8 hours.

GEICO offers great coverage at an affordable rate for whatever moves you. Go to to get a quote on motorcycle, RV, ATV, or boat insurance, and much more.

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  1. Donald Moll says

    I am sick of you advertisement on TV about motorcycle insurance. and also the musical tune that goes with it. Let’s let up on it for awhile!