Unveiling GEICO’s New Ride

Roland Sands GEICO MotorcycleRoland Sands doesn’t only fancy himself a rider—he also uses his creativity to design motorcycles. The 40-year-old founder and owner of Roland Sands Design is responsible for building the GEICO-branded model, which made its debut August 2, 2015, during the 75th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, one of the largest motorcycle events in the world.

As a former professional racing champion and an award-winning designer, Sands builds bikes that complement each other in both performance and aesthetics, especially because he feels a custom motorcycle can be a true expression of oneself.

“With motorcycles, it doesn’t matter how good they work, if they don’t look cool, people don’t want to ride them,” he says. “I try to be inspired by literally anything and everything. Riding down the road, I could see something weird, or look at architecture or furniture design. You don’t want to duplicate what other people are doing. You want to try and be unique and do something new. Trying to break new ground is what excites me and gets me up in the morning.”

Sands took a practical approach designing and building the GEICO bike. Aware that he would be riding it extensively closer to the rally, he made it “dirt-worthy,” so that he could ride from California on as many dirt roads as possible approaching Sturgis.

“It’s a flat tracker, with good tires on it, so it’s going to work really well in the dirt,” he says. “It’s a really fun bike and something that will stand out in Sturgis because there are a lot of [Harley] baggers and big long highway bikes and this is the opposite of that.”

Sands introduced the custom GEICO motorcycle at the legendary Buffalo Chip, a 600-acre campground teeming with motorcycles during the rally. “It’s a cool project that we get to show off to people who will really respect and like the bike.”

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  1. Don says

    You created a ugly unbalanced confusing motorcycle. What exactly were you thinking.
    It dont look comfortable at all. Let alone appealing to the eye. Total fail.

    • Eric says

      I know this is a response one year later. However, I am compelled to add my two cents. This man was given task and delivered as promised. His vision was from the heart. Do you have the skills to fulfill this request? Ok, let’s make this a simple task for you. How about you draw you rendition of what the bike should have looked like and then let the world decide. As for me, I could not have been come close to what that man creàted. I lack the skills and foresight to accomplish such a task. You on the other hand must be something else. I say this because of your cold and harsh critique.