5 Favorite RV Parks Near Big Cities

Family at their favorite RV park close to home

You don’t need to battle wild animals and wander in the wilderness to enjoy an American tradition. Some of the country’s best RV campsites are situated close to big cities. Go local! Try these five RV sites near big cities. Here’s a rundown of our favorite spots from …keep reading

7 Ways To Avoid Hitting A Deer

Deer mating season can be a dangerous time for drivers, deer and car hoods. According to the Insurance Information Institute, 1.6 million deer-vehicle collisions occur each year, resulting in 200 fatalities, tens of thousands of injuries and over $3.6 billion in vehicle damage. Being prepared can help prevent you from …keep reading

Winter Driving Safety Kit Essentials

Tens of millions of Americans travel during the holidays. The unpredictable weather and increased traffic during this time can make even a short road trip dangerous.

Before stuffing your car with boxes of presents, make sure you’ve packed a vehicle safety kit to ensure you’re prepared for any …keep reading

Always Find Your Car Keys

Searching for car keys in a bag

More and more new cars have smart keys and remotes that let you unlock the door and start the engine without a key. The devices are a marvel of technology and convenience ‚Ķ until you lose one and have to pay up to $500 to replace it at …keep reading