(Quiz) The Non-Boater’s Guide To Nautical Terms

The Non-Boater's Guide To Nautical Terms

“Scuttlebutt”—know what it means?

You probably know it as “rumor” or “gossip.” But the word originated on the high seas—a scuttlebutt was a cask that held the ship’s drinking water, and it became the nautical version of the office water cooler. Sailors gossiped as they sipped, which led …keep reading

Boat Anchoring Etiquette

boat anchor

Have you ever anchored your boat and gone to sleep, only to discover that you’ve drifted perilously close to another boat by the morning? Whether you’re a new boater or a seasoned pro, a refresher in anchoring etiquette never hurts. Consider this your master class.

Watch Your Wake …keep reading