How To Buy An RV

RV camper at sunset

When Margo Armstrong wanted an RV, she did her homework. She searched online, toured lots, took test-drives, combed through online forums and checked recall histories. She settled on a model that seemed to require the least maintenance, found a used one and had it inspected by a reputable RV repair …keep reading

(Quiz) The Non-Boater’s Guide To Nautical Terms

The Non-Boater's Guide To Nautical Terms

“Scuttlebutt”—know what it means?

You probably know it as “rumor” or “gossip.” But the word originated on the high seas—a scuttlebutt was a cask that held the ship’s drinking water, and it became the nautical version of the office water cooler. Sailors gossiped as they sipped, which led …keep reading