5 Boat Concepts You Have To See

Cars tend to get the spotlight when it comes to concepts. Each year the automotive industry hosts a number of big shows that display the next generation of vehicles in the works. But automakers aren’t the only ones revealing what the future might look like—boatmakers are also developing out-of-this-world creations that beg to be seen. Here are a few concept boats we just had to share with you.

Jazz Yacht

Jazz YachtDesigned by Zaha Hadid Architects, this superyacht is now being built for German shipbuilders Blohm+Voss. Its twisting design is the first of many standout features. Inside you’ll find curvaceous architecture leading to terraces and lounge areas—key amenities, since this will be built for ocean crossings.

Project Utopia

Project UtopiaPart vessel, part island, Project Utopia is a wild view into what the future might one day offer. It spans more than 11 decks and measures 100 metres in length—large enough to start a micronation, according to its creator Yacht Island Design.

Orca Narrowboat

Orca NarrowboatU.K. designer Daniel Blackband envisions solar-charged lithium-ion batteries powering this boat. At 15 meters long, it’s large enough to live in—for a time, at least—and targets a younger demographic looking for a new type of travel experience.


Code-X YachtLooking like something straight out of a James Bond movie, the Code-X catamaran is powered by a bank of solar cells—and two 710 hp Formula-1 engines. That means you can cruise at a leisurely pace or fulfill your need for speed.

Oculus Yacht

Oculus Yacht Concept BoatWith room for 14 guests, Oculus features 12-foot ceilings and a low-rider profile. It’s the perfect combination of style and practicality—in a 250-foot vessel. Oh, and it has a private third level with deck and water feature.

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  1. Barbara Milton says

    I love the idea of a portable island!!! For when a person wants to get away, the perfect trip. I’m open to all donations to get my own!

  2. Justin Richardson says

    Project Utopia is by far the coolest. Is it already built somewhere, or is it still strictly in the “concept” stage?
    Also, whenever it is in motion, under what sort of propulsion does it operate? Or does it have to be towed?
    Finally, when you’ve made the decision on where to ‘touch down’ – if you will, do those ‘legs’ actually level itself by touching the ocean floor, or do they just serve as ballasts for some sort of dumpy old-fashioned anchor system?
    —I hope someone out there actually knows, rather than offering up speculation, which I could waste time with on my own…