Ultimate Saturdays: On The Road

In the third and final installment of our “Ultimate Saturdays” series, we spent the day with GEICO Racing’s NASCAR driver Ty Dillon and his friend Ryan Isabel as they took a trip to Lake Norman for the quintessential RV adventure. Find out how Ty likes to spend his Ultimate Saturday away from the track.

New to RVing? Learning to navigate the roads can be a challenge with such a large vehicle. Check out Ty’s tips and tricks:

Ready to take your camping prowess to the next level? You can start with these pro tips from Ty:

Of course, any good RV trip starts with having the right RV insurance. Get a quote from GEICO and see how easy it is to get affordable coverage for your home away from home.

Missed the last two installments of Ultimate Saturdays? Check out On the Water and On Two Wheels.

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  1. Kevin Carbone says

    Your RV videos are great. I am a motorsports photographer and have been looking for a used, short 27ft max, RV. Wouldn’t it be nice, since you insure RV’s, to let your RV owners advertise via one of these GEICO tutorials? One advantage is that you already have valued that RV. I would jump at the opportunity to buy a “Geico Approved” RV. You could charge a fee for this half of the fee from the seller and the other half from the buyer.