The Proud Dogs Of The U.S. Military

Military dog

When Jesca Daniels first met Aura, she wasn’t sure how things would work out. Aura, a retired Military dog, had worked with—and been injured alongside—Daniels’ Marine husband, who was going to be away for a year. “They were thick as thieves,” says Daniels, “but I wasn’t sure how Aura would …keep reading

A Veteran’s Guide To Changing Careers

veterans revolving door

If you’re among the nearly 200,000 Americans who transition each year from Military Service to the civilian life, one of the toughest challenges can be finding a profession that utilizes the skills you’ve acquired during your Active Duty. The civilian workforce may seem alien at first, requiring different …keep reading

It’s Not Surprising…

manatees in t-shirts

There are a lot of surprising things in this world. In our latest commercial series, we suggest a few scenarios you might be surprised by…

Like manatees in novelty tees:

Or Washington crossing the Delaware…Turnpike:

Or Randy Jackson judging a …keep reading