Me-ouch! Cats Don’t Care In Latest GEICO Commercial

Cat Its What You DoIf you ever find yourself in desperate need of rescue, let’s just hope your only potential savior is not a cat. In GEICO’s latest commercial, our ill-fated hero, sinking into quicksand, has only a cat to turn to get him out of this sticky mess.

Naturally, the indifferent feline simply ignores his calls for help. It’s what they do!

The fun doesn’t stop there. Check out more great GEICO commercials!

By Andrea Paton-Ash

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  1. matt says

    I was so confused by this stupid commercial, I made it all the way to Geico’s website and here.


  2. Ben Granatek says

    The man sinking in the Cat Ad. I here him say “go help” not ” go GET help”

    Is that the case.



  3. Shel says

    Wow. Some of you are taking this commercial way out of context…

    I am a cat-lover. Ive had amazing cats, who were loving companions and sweet animals.

    Would/could they rescue me from quicksand? No. They wouldnt get help.

    Would the average dog even know to get help? Probably not.