“Count On” GEICO

There are some things in life you can always count on. One of them is GEICO saving folks money on car insurance. Here are some others:

Stay tuned for more things you can “Count On.” In the meantime, check out more great GEICO commercials here.

Cast Credits

“The Great Penguin Migration”
Penguin 1 VO: Marcus Brown
Penguin 2 VO: Mike Nelson
Announcer: Brian Keane
GPS Voice: Cary Van Driest
Spokesman: Steve Tom

“Star Captain: The Lost Keys”
Captain: Steve Talley
Soldier: Ali Ghandour
Soldier 2: Heather Woodward
Spokesman: Steve Tom

“Game Night with a Sloth”
Man: Steven Pritchard
Woman: Elleen Fogarty
Team 1 Man: Travis Coles
Team 1 Woman: Samantha Sloyan
Team 1 Scorekeeper Man: Johnny Sneed
Spokesman: Steve Tom

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  1. Doug H. says

    The ‘Washinton and men crossing the Delaware Turnpike’ commercial from GEICO is beyond offensive. The greatest general of America’s revolution is portrayed as a petty ‘putz’ arguing with motorists ? The main founder of the United States and a devout Christian is made the butt of a childish and insulting parody by GEICO ? Whoever approved that commercial should be fired immediately and the commercial removed. Washington, Eisenhower, Churchill, Columbus and a few others in history were giants among men. And GEICO ad creators are stupid beyond measure.