Fisherman Caught In Tall Tale In Latest Commercial

Fishermen are known to exaggerate the size of their catches, but this one was a little extreme. We’re talking Moby Dick-style extreme.

What was the biggest fish ever netted? In 2005, fishermen in northern Thailand caught a 9-foot, 646-pound Mekong giant catfish that is reportedly the largest freshwater fish ever recorded. That’s the size of an adult grizzly bear!

How big was the biggest fish you’ve ever caught? Tell us in the comments below! (And be honest.)

Watch more hilarious commercials on the GEICO YouTube Channel.

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  1. Lois says

    I LOVE the commercials with the driving dogs!! I don’t know who came up with that idea, but it’s a winner with me. (I’ll even stop and watch them on taped programs rather than fast forwarding thru them.)

  2. Warren Jennison says

    Superb commèrcials every time! I have had a car insured by Geico since the 1960’s and I am proud to be with them. Superior performance all these years!

  3. Dillon Proctor says

    My name is Dillon, I am 12 Years old and I have caught my share of Mountain Trout, My largest fish I ever caught was 22inches long. My Grandfather holds the record for all of our family clan. He caught a twenty five and one half inches long Rainbow Trout. This was about twenty years ago and everyone has been trying to beat him, but no one has so far.
    Thank You: