The Gecko Continues His (Tiny) Journey Across America

Our beloved GEICO Gecko has made a number of new stops on his never-ending journey across America to tell people how GEICO could help them save on insurance. This past year, he got to fly with the GEICO Skytypers, visited Coney Island, went golfing in the Carolinas, and toured a Silicon Valley server farm. He even stopped by a rather unusual pool party:


Stay tuned for more great Gecko commercials coming soon! In the meantime, check out more great commercials.

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  1. Michelle Kiefer says

    Truly, what are you thinking with the children playing unsupervised in a pool in an upstairs room? For an insurance company to depict such a massively dangerous situation–I have to question your sanity. Maybe you should pass your ideas by a room full of grown ups.

  2. Steve Nolden says

    How about sending your faithful long time customers a little Green Geico to put on their dashboard to help advertise your product.

  3. Jacqueline Henry says

    Never stop making these commercials with the little gecko with the cockney accent! You should have made a movie with him (gecko) rather than those stupid cavemen! Please never stop his commercials!! He’s absolutely adorable and we love him for eternity …

  4. Mary Owens says

    I’m sorry but your surprising things commercials are irritating especially the sumo ice skater. I realize that humorous ads are all the thing but they should not be idiotic. I’m a geico customer but if I were not those commercials would not make me check your company out. I realize the gecko has neen around a long time & the american piblic has a short attemtion span but don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.
    After all your target demographic is adults they’re the ones who buy insurance. I don’t mean to be harshly critical but please just at least consider what I said. I’ve talked to lots of people who feel the same. Thanks


    • Gloria Wessinger says

      I agree! When the Geico commercials are on and The Gecko is not in it……….I do not watch it. The Geico commercials without The Gecko are not funny, they are ridiculous.