The Gecko Continues His (Tiny) Journey Across America

Our beloved GEICO Gecko has made a number of new stops on his never-ending journey across America to tell people how GEICO could help them save on insurance. This past year, he went golfing in the Carolinas, got to fly with the GEICO Skytypers, helped some friends assemble furniture for their new apartment before heading back to the office for a couple of important meetings. To unwind at the end of the day, he played his favorite video games:

Stay tuned for more Gecko commercials coming soon! In the meantime, check out more great commercials.

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  1. Arvetta Freeman says

    The new commercials aren’t as good as the commercials with the gecko were. His were more entertaining and got your attention.

  2. SHONTO says

    Please stay with GECKO lizard commercial–not the
    the pig or the caveman or… whatever. We all love the little GECKO…

  3. Kathy says

    Those gecko ads make me laugh. Actually, the gecko, the pig, cavemen … all of it. Whoever writes these is great. Humor is good medicine. Thank you!

    A happy GEICO customer

  4. Karlton says

    I just noticed that the gecko is riding in the back seat of the car and is not wearing a seatbelt.Not very safe, little guy. 🙂

  5. Joan Hastey says

    Love the Gecko commercials! I have GEICO. I’m completely satisfied! Thank you!
    P.S. Never liked the cavemen! Please continue with Gecko. Love him!

    • Deputy Editor (GEICO) says

      Hi Tomiko! Thanks for being a fan of the Gecko! You can check out for lots of fun Gecko merchandise.

  6. Linda Leverette says

    Why aren’t you showing the scapegoat commercial anyore. It’s as funny as the “gonna buy some cold cuts” ad!

  7. sally husband says

    Love love love the free range chicken commercial! Whoever thought that one up is good. How funny. Thanks.

  8. Alexander wdstfall says

    I truly find that the commercials are very humorous they tend to get your attention unlike other commercials and it’s a great idea and it’s working for your company I give you credit for that doesn’t always work it works so well that I now I’m covered by GEICO on both my cars keep up the good work

  9. Danielle lee says

    I think the commercial. With salt n peppa is brash trashy and ghetto its not in my opinion a good commercial thanks