GEICO Commercials: Behind The Scenes

The last time you caught yourself giggling at the Gecko, did you wonder about the zany and brilliant minds who create the GEICO ad campaigns? Take a peek behind the scenes and meet the cast and crew who make these iconic ad spots come to life.

It’s Not Surprising: Dawg Show

It’s Not Surprising: Running of the Bulldogs

It’s What You Do: Side Effects (w/Boyz II Men)

It’s What You Do: Stuntman Cheats Death

It’s What You Do: Cowboy Showdown

It’s Not Surprising: Tiki’s Barber Shop

It’s What You Do: Sleeping Beauty

Jacob deGrom: No Easy Pitch

For more laughs, subscribe to the official GEICO YouTube channel.

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  1. Lester Speiser says

    What is the name of the actor who plays Dougal in the Daniel Berger commercials? Please tell me, it’s driving me crazy. I think it’s an old rock and roll singer.

  2. Pat Woelfel says

    Who would I contact to submit a great commercial cenario. Everyone I tell it to roars with laughter!!! I love the commercials!!

  3. Juan says

    Stop wasting my money on stupid commercials instead give us real savings on car insurance. Car insurance is the only expense I have that I get nothing in return for twenty years I’ve been paying insurance and haven’t used it because I know if I want to use it I have to pay to do so and I will get my premium raised for the next three years it’s crazy how car insurance now costs as much as my car payment

    • Sharon says

      I totally agree with this comment, I have been with geico for 40 years, some commercials are nice, but I could use a reduction in my premiums. There was a time premiums were $300 for 12 months.

  4. Cynthia McHenry says

    The GEICO ads are absolutely the best — still love the “gekko”, too, though! I’m a GEICO customer and, I must admit, your humor had a lot to do with that. I’m planning on going to Spain to run with the bulldogs.

  5. Vera Ericson says

    As far as commercials go, the Geico moments are by far the BEST of all – your Gekko is marvelous and now the Bulldogs, wonderfully imaginative!! I’ve often wondered who your Ad agency is ??? Vera E, Florida

    P.S. I could do without the singing on that “Behind the Scenes” Prescription number.

  6. Joseph T slim says

    Geico behind the scenes is well presented, under playing side effects from some of the drugs, what you do afterwards, stunt man from a moving car, the western movie facing deaths combating outlaws .
    * I thing it is interesting and informative fir defensive driving course to prevent injuries or worse like death (sleeping beauty.

  7. Jim Randle says

    Who is the woman with the bangs in the Boyz II Men ad? Has she done any series television? Looks familiar.