“Great Answers” From GEICO

When it comes to getting great savings and a whole lot more on car insurance, GEICO is a great answer. In our latest commercial campaign, that notion leads some people to think GEICO is a great answer to other tough questions …

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Cast Credits

General: John Rue
Technician: Rick Younger
Male Tech: Steve Routman
Female Tech: Violet Krumbein
Voice-Over: Andrew Anthony
Music by Jeremy Turner

Mobster: Danny Mastrogiorgio
Hero: James Dwyer
Goon: Alex Corrado
Goon: Devin Ratray
Agent 1: Jordan Gelber
Agent 2: Gabrielle Porter
Voice-Over: Andrew Anthony
Music by Jeremy Turner

Lawyer: Katharine Heller
Defendant: Andrew Maclarty
Judge: John Vennema
Stenographer: Brenda Thomas
Voice-Over: Andrew Anthony
Music by Jeremy Turner

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  1. Jessica says

    Are you people insane? How can you say for one second that you have an open mind about comedy commercials and then turn around and complain about this robbery objection commercial. You people are wound so tight that you’ve completely squeezed any sense out of your minds! Let loose, relax, it’s just a joke! That’s the point! Smile, try laughing! I promise it won’t really happen in real life, you can come down. Good job Geico don’t let these tightly-wound psychos keep you from making entertaining commercials, keep it up.

  2. Kim says

    Should be ashamed of this commercial, I am not one to read too much into a commercial as they are in part meant to entertain. But to suggest that a man completely guilty gets off because he quotes geico is appalling. I have very little respect for this company already but this is just terrible. Shame on them for thinking this is funny or entertaining!

  3. Susan says

    What a disgusting commercial – commit robbery, but judge dismisses case because criminal touts Geico auto insurance? Unbelievable that a large company would advertise like this. Such poor taste. Time to find a different company – one that respects our legal system.

  4. John Roberts says

    I consider GEICO ads ads among the worst on TV along with PROGRESSIVE. Wouldn’t buy the product because of dumb ads.