It’s Not Surprising…

There are a lot of surprising things in this world. In our latest commercial series, we suggest a few scenarios you might be surprised by…

Like manatees in novelty tees:

Or Washington crossing the Delaware…Turnpike:

Or Randy Jackson judging a dog show:

Or Casual Friday at Buckingham Palace:

Or a triangle solo:

Or the running of the bull…dogs:

Or runway models on a runway:

What’s not surprising? How much our customers really saved when they switched their car insurance to GEICO. In fact, new GEICO customers report saving an average of over $500 a year.* How much could you save when you make the switch to GEICO?

Watch Behind-the-Scenes videos of your favorite GEICO commercials here.

Cast Credits

“Manatee Shirts”
Son: Levi Oleesky
Wife: Joanne Verbos
Dad: Mike Holley
Voice-Over: Andrew Anthony

“Washington Crossing the Delaware”
George Washington: Jim Meskimen
Soldier 1: Rick Ingraham
Soldier 2: Chris Valenti
Soldier 3: Paul McCarthy-Boyington
Soldier 4: Andrew Ortiz
Soldier 5: Dan Salem
Soldier 6: Jayk Gallagher
Solider 7: Luke Wright
Soldier 8: Rob Michael Hugel
Soldier 9: Lamont Van Hook
Male Commuter: Geoffrey Blake
Female Commuter: Monique Edwards
Voice-Over: Andrew Anthony

“Dawg Show”
Himself: Randy Jackson
Female Dog Handler: Tracy Winters
Male Dog Handler: Christopher Grove
Judge: Eve Gordon
Voice-Over: Andrew Anthony

“Casual Friday at Buckingham Palace”
Casual Friday Guard: Daniel Wolfe
Guard: Christopher Ashman
Female Tourist: Jo Anne Kurman
Male Tourist: Randy Oglesby
Voice-Over: Andrew Anthony

“Triangle Solo”
Soloist: Jonathan Brooks
Conductor: Will Bowers
Musician: Junko Goda
Voice-Over: Andrew Anthony
Music: Butter music arrangement

“Running of the Bulldogs”
Hero Runner: Eli Bildner
Runner 1: George Contreras
Runner 2: Jaeme Velez
Runner 3: Alim Kouliev
Woman Crying: Carol Herman
Voice-Over: Andrew Anthony
Original music by Tiny Lion

“Runway Models”
Passenger 1: Stewart Skelton
Passenger 2: Nicole Pettis
Ground Crew 1: J Scott
Ground Crew 2: Carlos Antonio
Fashion Model 1: Sharaun Brown
Fashion Model 2: Faith Picozzi
Fashion Model 3: Jamie Vandyke
Fashion Model 4: Akii Lanier
Voice-Over: Andrew Anthony

*Average savings amount based on national GEICO New Policyholder survey data through August 2017.

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  1. A F Holloway says

    Your Washington crossing commercial is in extremely poor taste and most insulting to America’s greatest President.

  2. Alana says

    That commercial with the boat sounds like fingernails scraping across a chalk board. Then the guys have to yell because they can’t hear. It gives me a headache

  3. Cassandra Gulley says

    I love these commercials! I have an idea for you, based on a real experience at work. Some put paper plates in the dish drainer in the break room. Clean ones. Clean paper plates in a dish drainer? Unexpected!

  4. Kevin Fallon says

    Please post the “Beatboxing in a big box store” radio commercial- it is awesome and I want to share it with friends

  5. Robert Weier says

    I want to say that this is my first experience with dealing with the claim process. My wife and I have been blessed and never had an accident until now. From the moment my wife contacted Geico, you have been all over every aspect of getting our car repaired, transportation during the process, and excellent handling of all costs. I even casually mentioned that the only thing that would make it all better was lunch and you folks sent me a subway card for lunch. I don’t think there is another insurance company that can match your rates, but most importantly, I don’t believe anyone could ever match your care and concern for its customer like Geico has demonstrated during every aspect of my claim. I highly recommend to anyone that reads this message GO GEICO, its the best decision I have ever made.

  6. Mark says

    Who’s the lady holding the sign that says saved $609 in the Geico commercial with Randy Jackson … judging the dog show

  7. Earnestine KASEY says

    I love your commercials. I own a picture of my shizue puppy holding a live gekco in her mouth. Head hanging out.

  8. Michelle Amidon says

    Dawg Show is the ABSOLUTE greatest!! Loved it and made me laugh! I am a long-time owner of Pomeranians so the first time I saw the commercial I was “hooked” when I saw that the Pomeranian “won” Randy over! Great commercial.

  9. William R. gutierrez says

    This is probably the most disrespectful commercial I have seen this year.
    I have been to England and witnessed the “changeing of the With as much respect that is available to their military service.
    If this type of behavior would occur in our USA military service the purpitrator would end up in the Brig.
    The left snowflake marketing advertisers have taken American advertising to its lowest point.