More Than Just Great Savings

In our latest commercial campaigns, we remind you that GEICO is about more than just saving money on car insurance. For instance, did you know…

GEICO has been saving folks money for over 75 years:

GEICO has an award-winning mobile-app:

GEICO can help you with other insurance products, too:

GEICO has a 97% customer satisfaction rating*:

More great GEICO commercials are coming soon! Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out the It’s What You Do series.

What’s your favorite GEICO commercial? Tell us in the comments below.

*Customer satisfaction based on an independent survey conducted by Alan Newman Research, 2017. Market share data from the 2016 A.M. Best market share report, published May 2017.

Cast Credits:

Extreme Landscaping”
Neighbor on Mower: Steven Bailey
Pruning Man: Gil Christner
Neighbor’s Wife: Celeste Pechous
Tag/Announcer VO: Andrew Anthony

“How to Draw a Masterpiece”
Sketch Woman: Allison Bills
Sketch Man: John Pirruccello
Model: Sean Riley Smith
Art Critic: Kevin Fabian
Caterer: Stacy Kaney
Tag/Announcer VO: Andrew Anthony

“Lighten Up”
Guy: Brett Rickaby
Neighbor: Rolando Boyce
Astronaut: Tim Dolinar
VO Talent: Andrew Anthony
Music – Stock Music from APM. Song Title – “Good Tidings”

Guy: David Gironda, Jr.
Girl: Tate Hanyak
Flea 1: Eric Normington
Flea 2: Adam Herchman
Tag/Announcer VO: Andrew Anthony

Dad 1 – Eric Davis
Dad 2 – Jeff Pride
Tag/Announcer VO – Andrew Anthony

“Bumper Stickers”
Guy 1 – Stacey Hinnen
Guy 2 – Robert Peters
Wife – Ericka Kreutz
Moose VO – Chris Marrs
Buffalo VO – Brian Stepanek
Wolf VO– Sean Michael Howard
Tag/Announcer VO – Andrew Anthony

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  1. Karen Johnson says

    I don’t understand a lot of your commercials. Most of your commercials doesn’t have anything to do with your insurance. Which I find your insurance being really extremely high as it is to begin with. But your commercials like on a pirate ship the cave man ones-so on. The squirrels happened to be the best one yet so far. Now the house insurance commercial the story line in a book did fit the description of home insurance. I can understand a commercial someone in court after a wreck & the judge saying you could of saved if you switched to geico. That geico being the insurance he/she is with. I’m just feeling being a little more creative over it pertaining to insurance. Or someone searching around for a lower rate of insurance if your price was cheaper based over the rate of the expense of living a commercial there. I just feel the quality of what is being shown isn’t getting the point across if the rate wasn’t as expensive. Karen

  2. Sandra Bumpass says

    The best was ” Hump Day” and the ” I’m going to stand up to her”! You never show those anymore and they are much better than any of the new ones.

  3. david H. nickerson says

    Whaa! Whaa! I would love to have access to the Jeff the Moose sticker commercial. Will it become available? I admit to a hidden agenda: ; Do you make Geico Insurance available in Canada? My Brother-in-Law is a Lobster man=he has a boat and catches lobster for a living, in Nova Scotia. It is a big deal to promote Canadian Lobster. The skunk odor rising towards the Maine Lobster sticker could have potential to promote Canadian Lobster via ‘Maine Lobster -stinks’?! Or, at least the humor of it would promote this at Clark’s harbour, yo no end.

    • Editor (GEICO) says

      Hi, David! Glad you enjoyed the commercial. Unfortunately, GEICO only writes insurance in the U.S. Have a great day!

  4. Peggy says

    I cannot tell you how much I love your Bumper Sticker commercial. My pick is the Moose who has trouble understanding what the “sticker”is. His remark at the end is what’s a sticker”. Your writers are wonderful allowing all of us to give a hearty laugh. Thanks to your team who dream them up.

  5. Geri palacios says

    Racoon a riot, cookoo clock the best, but u did it again with the moose hilarious keep them coming. The boring ones i change channel especially when FLO comes on not urs i know but annoying.

  6. Pamela says

    On some of your recent commercials, there are short snippets of music at the very end of the commercials that sounds like it was from an old TV show/shows. What TV show/shows does the music come from? Thank you for answering my question because I have been frustratingly trying to remember which TV show/shows featured that music in it

    • Editor (GEICO) says

      Hi Pamela,
      Most of the time, the music from our commercials is stock or custom music.
      Thanks for watching!