Just Say “No 2 Distracted Driving”

GEICO Gecko at Drive Smart VAForm good habits early – it’s one of the best things you can do as a new driver. GEICO’s Virginia Beach office has paired with DRIVE SMART Virginia to take the safe driving message to the streets so young drivers can form good habits. Well, make that a parking lot, actually.

On Sept. 22, the group rolled in to I.C. Norcom High School in Portsmouth, Va., with plenty of heavy metal and a whole array of gadgets to go along with it. It was far from an ordinary safe driving presentation.

For part one of the session, GEICO’s auto damage adjusters broke out one of the coolest modes of transportation: the tricycle. However, they added in a new challenge that made it a bit harder to ride the three-wheeler. All drivers had to wear fatal vision goggles and navigate a slalom course. As you might imagine, cones ended up going everywhere.Drunk driving tricycle test

While drunk driving has reached an all-time low, there were still more than 10,000 deaths as a result of alcohol impaired driving in 2013 according to NHTSA. Each one of these deaths could have been prevented. Drills like the tricycle simulation reinforce why it’s vital to make responsible decisions when it comes to alcohol.

For part two of the session, students had an opportunity to test out DRIVE SMART’s distracted driving simulator, which consists of a fully functional Chevy Silverado pickup tied into an interactive computer system. Inputs to the vehicle’s steering and pedals actually register on a computer, simulating your drive down a road. Nearly everyone who attempted to send a text while behind the wheel of the simulator would have kept GEICO’s auto damage adjusters busy with the dozens of fender benders that occurred. The simulator proved tobe one of the most compelling cases yet for not driving distracted.Drunk driving simulator

“Our goal is to continue raising new generations of safe drivers,” said Bryan Marangoni, GEICO auto damage director and DRIVE SMART Virginia board chairman. “Allowing young drivers to see firsthand the dangerous effects of drunk and distracted driving reinforces the importance of making responsible decisions.”

In addition to the demonstrations, the event also kicked off the beginning of the No 2 Distracted Driving video contest, open to students in Virginia Beach area high schools. To learn more about entering, students can visit the No 2 Distracted Driving website.

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By Mike Young

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