Memory Of The Month: Safe And Secure

This one really speaks to me. You see, in a former life, during my two-year “sabbatical” from college during my freshman year, one of the jobs I had was as a security guard. I WAS this guy for a while, carrying a device like the one he’s toting here, patrolling my company’s headquarters in the wee hours of the night.

Before the days of security cameras, we’d use keys hung here and there around the building to time-stamp a card inside that device. Should there have been a break-in or some other emergency on the grounds, we’d be able to show the authorities (and our insurer) that we’d done our duty to protect the property.

Insurance companies, too, are in the security business, in a sense. Not that we’ll come to your house and stand guard over your property, but we DO provide you with the security of knowing your property’s protected. Insurance means that you’ll be compensated for expenses you incur as a result of damage, theft or injury (subject to the policy terms and limits, of course).

What do you suppose this guy was thinking as he made his rounds? Was he contemplating his next meal, or the errand his wife asked him to run after his shift ended? Or just maybe he’s anticipating lying down for just a minute or two on the couch in the motor pool, like I did once. Boy, was my boss livid when he found me there some time later, sound asleep!

By Greg Marsh

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