Memory Of The Month: The Most Important Meal Of The Day

I’ll have one – or two, even! Griddles sizzling, crepes cooking … why wasn’t I invited? Well, it might have been because I wasn’t working at GEICO yet. I’m not exactly sure when this photo was shot, but judging from the rotary-dial AND push-button phones on the desk behind these ladies, my guess is the late 1970s.

If there’s one thing we know here at GEICO (aside from insurance, of course), it’s the power of food. There’s no more reliable way to ensure good attendance at your event than to include something enticing to nosh on. And if you dare to hold an event without offering food, you’d better have some pretty darn compelling stuff on your agenda if you expect people to show up.

At the corporate headquarters, where I work, we have what we call an Executive Breakfast once a quarter. We invite someone from our executive ranks to address a group of a few dozen associates at a morning meeting. These are invariably interesting sessions, where dynamic presenters give attendees an opportunity to look “behind the curtain” at parts of our business they wouldn’t know about otherwise – and everyone enjoys a nice spread of breakfast burritos, bagels, pastries, fruit, coffee, juices and water.

These events are always well attended, but how many people would show if the breakfast buffet wasn’t included? We’d like to think the answer is “plenty.” But in reality, we don’t know … and we dare not find out!

So what will you have on your crepes?

By Greg Marsh