You Know You’re In A Military Family When…

You’re all too familiar with the scenarios that only a Military Family could understand—like forgetting your ZIP code at the gas pump or having kids who each were born in a different part of the world. Here, three Military spouses share their “Been there, learned that” moments when it comes to moving, settling in and feeling comfortable in a new place—and why these lessons matter.

You’re extra nice to strangers.

Erin Z., currently stationed in Texas with her family, always makes a plate of cookies for newcomers and includes her phone number and address. “I tell them, ‘I can be anything from your school’s emergency contact to your source for a hairdresser or vet.’ Because we’re so often the new family in town, my kids understand the value of the golden rule, treating others as they hope to be treated,” she says.

You never get lost.

“Our son was born in Korea, so we bought a world map to show him where he was born and where all our family members live,” says Abby M., who currently resides in Seoul. Erin Z.’s kids learned from a young age how to navigate trains, airports and subway stations like locals: “The earlier you expose them to travel, the more adaptable and comfortable they are with it.”

You’ll try anything.

An overseas assignment means immersing yourself in local tastes and traditions. “We always pick up recipes from places we’ve lived,” Abby M says. “Our two-year-old son loves kimchi and fish cakes.” When Erin Z.’s family first returned from a stint in Europe, her young ones got some strange looks when they ordered crepes at a sports game. But Erin understood: “That’s what they serve at snack stands over there!”

You know someone’s always got your back.

“While we were stationed in Alaska, one of my husband’s fellow soldiers had no one to watch his three-year-old when his wife delivered their new baby,” Jessica F., of New Jersey, recalls. “Although I had only met them once, I was more than happy to help.” And the common bond trickles down. “Seeing the warmth between their parents fosters an instant connection between the kids,” she says.

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By Tess Forte

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