Military Must-Read: Living With No Excuses

In an instant, everything can change.

In December 2005, hard-charging infantryman Noah Galloway was fighting in Iraq when a roadside bomb transformed his life. He found himself confined to a hospital bed, missing one arm and one leg, his jaw wired shut.

Galloway’s recent memoir, Living With No Excuses, opens with the discovery of his injuries from the explosion that ended his Military career. Galloway felt that he’d found his calling in the Military Service. When that path abruptly ended, he was left to find new meaning.

The book follows Galloway’s day-to-day challenges in piecing his post-war life together. Throughout, he tells of the struggles he faced upon returning home—depression, alcohol, failed relationships—but also of the joys of family, fitness and supporting Veteran’s issues back in the States.

Galloway’s injuries—he lost his left arm above the elbow and his left leg above the knee—meant relearning how to perform once-simple tasks, like walking down the street or tying his shoes. Over time, he found the motivation to work through it all, thanks mainly to two things: a budding relationship with the woman who would become his second wife and his drive to reunite with his young son in Alabama.

Galloway tackles the tough times with rare, blunt honesty and describes how he found the fortitude to develop a positive outlook. His struggles are not uncommon among soldiers, and he continues to work for an increased awareness of important Veterans issues, in the hopes that challenges like his might someday become much less widespread.

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By Nicole Price Fasig