How The Fastest-Growing Sport Is Changing The Game

This January, GEICO kicked off its 2016 event season, and our first stop was PAX South. PAX, short for Penny Arcade Expo, originated in 2004 and encompasses all things gaming. There are four PAX conventions held each year—three in the United States and one in Australia.

PAX South, located in San Antonio, Texas, wrapped on January 31, but the 2016 gaming season has just begun. Look for the GEICO footprint later this year at PAX East and PAX Prime.

Vince Giampietro, manager of GEICO’s experiential marketing team, sees entering the gaming arena as a natural progression for GEICO. “Gamers are a passionate group of people and we want to see their sport legitimized.”

Many gamers have worked hard and spent many hours perfecting their craft. They are celebrities in their own right who have large fan bases on social media. Some of these eSports athletes have even more Twitter followers than traditional athletes.

“I enjoy playing so much, I could play for the rest of my life,” said ZeRo, a TSM member. And you don’t have to head to an arena to see them in action—live-streams on platforms such as Twitch allow you to watch and interact with players in their element.

GEICO is excited to continue our relationships this year with Team Solomid and One Nation of Gamers (ONOG). “We love their online engagement and we want to support what they are doing,” said Brandon Golatt of GEICO’s experiential marketing team.

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By Sarah Stegall

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